New Jersey Department of Health

New Jersey Youth Camp Safety Act
The Department of Health and Senior Services is charged with the licensing and regulation of youth camps in New Jersey. Please click here for links to the Department’s recently readopted and amended regulations under the NJYCSA.

ACA Exemption from State and Local Department of Health Inspections under the NJYCSA
Effective for the 2009 camp season with the readoption of the NJ Youth Camp Safety Act, the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services by regulation is accepting ACA accreditation in lieu of performing state health inspections and local pre-operational and operational health inspections as it relates to the enforcement of the NJYCSA. The health inspection exemption is now law in New Jersey and will be enforced as such by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. SEE THE LINKS BELOW FOR SPECIFIC LANGUAGE IN THE REGULATIONS AND INFORMATION ON WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO EFFECTUATE YOUR CAMP’S EXEMPTION.

  • ACA Exemption Language” ACA Exemption Language
    Print this language and keep on hand for health inspectors.

Camp Medicine
ACA’s member camps have expressed concerns finding physicians and nurses for the camp season. We have compiled some helpful information to assist camps access these health care professionals.

Department of Community Affairs (DCA)

Carnival and Amusement Ride Regulations
The NJ Department of Community Affairs currently views youth camps as “amusement areas” and your camp may not be in compliance with state regulations for use of inflatables, rock walls, pool slides and playground equipment – to name a few. Please click on this link to connect with important information regarding these camp activities.

Department of Labor


The way teens obtain working papers in New Jersey

will be changing on June 1, 2023!

Thanks to a new law, the working papers process will be online and streamlined. Rather than going through local schools,

younger workers will simply visit this site and be walked through a few easy steps.




Wage, Hours, Break Times and Overtime Regulations
With several ACA accredited camps recently experiencing audits from the NJ Department of Labor on wage, hours and overtime compliance, ACA-NJ is currently reviewing this issue to determine any changes necessary to help camps better comply with these regulations. Follow this link for key information for employment of minors and employees over 18 years of age.

Criminal Background Checks

  • “Criminal Background Summary” Criminal Background– outline of requirements – NEW LINK COMING SOON
  • “Criminal History Status Affidavit/Notarized Statement” Criminal History Status Affidavit – this is a SAMPLE affidavit produced by ACA NJ Section and “informally” approved by the NJ Department of Health for your use.

Please follow these links for some useful sites:

For a list of vendors endorsed by NJ Camps, NJ Criminal Background checks, please check out the Business Partner Page

Department of Transportation

Transportation, Busing and Motor Vehicle Commission
A link is provided below to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for all the information you need for your drivers and buses.


ADA Standards for Swimming Pool Accessibility
This presentation has a ton of great information to help your organization understand the new compliance issues in regards to pool lifts and such.
ADA Pool Lifts Presentation
Contact person:
Jennifer Perry
Compliance Specialist, Accessibility Services
Phone: 718.803.3782 #7504
ADA Pools 2010
ADA Pools
The National Center on Accessibility encourages swimming pool owners/operators to become familiar with this document and the DOJ position. Many questions have emerged since DOJ issued the revised regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act and subsequent 2010 Standards for Accessible Design . Is a pool lift required at every public pool? Can a pool lift be shared between pools? Can a pool lift be portable? DOJ attempts to address these questions in the new guidance document.
DOJ Pools

The March 15, 2012 date for compliance to the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design related to swimming pools, wading pools, and spas has been extended by 60 days, until May 21st. In addition, there is a possibility for a 180-day extension depending on comments received by the Department of Justice in the next few weeks. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime it is advisable that you continue on the path to developing a compliance plan for your individual camp

Start Your Recovery

Start Your Recovery is a groundbreaking website developed by bringing together experts in substance use disorder treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. We recently developed a comprehensive directory of support resources in New Jersey. Here, youth and families can:

  • Find local treatment options vetted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • Filter to find special programs for adolescents and their families
  • Find support groups and other important non-clinical resources