December 2021 NJ Camps Meeting Notes

Changing of the name from NJC-GAP to NJ CAMPS


Eagles Landing Day Camp

Frogbridge Day Camp

  • Contracted inspectors/regulators don’t know the laws/regulations (for seasonal industries)
  • Outside contractors were used during Covid that did not know the regs
  • If an issue, reach out to Claudine for details
  • Fill out the sheet for minors, designate break times (inspectors might say more needed)
  • Claudine going to reach out to the DOL Commissioner in early January to review, clarify and get the list from them of what needs to be ready for when they come and inspect
  • All employees – give them one hour for every 30 hours worked
  • Notification for employees – Poster to put up (Calendar year Jan – Dec)
  • PayPro/Paychex – can track their hours on their stub
  • All based on 40 hours per week

Hopeful for 2022

  • Premature to talk about quarantine policies – will do in April
  • Does a vaccinated child need to be quarantined? Hopefully no.
  • Get rid of cohorts / Bring back elective periods to mix groups
  • Bring back intercamp
  • Vaccine policy – Refund policy
  • Less spacing on bussing

January 11 – Gov’t loses emergency power (it expires) – On Claudine’s radar to talk to Lowell/Danielle at the Health Dept.

Watch what they do in schools to see how they handle the months leading up to Summer 2022


  • New legislative session starts in Jan 2022
  • Ban on plastic bags, Styrofoam, paper bags – delayed until May 4 – Claudine is going to confirm that it doesn’t apply to childcare/schools/hospitals (only applies to business w/ cafeterias).  It does apply to retail food service business. (Penalty is a warning (then monetary penalties))


When buses are waiting for campers they should not be idling. DOT will shut them down even if 100-degree day.  If you put up two signs that say NO BUSES IDLING it’s not on you to shut them off, it’s on the drivers. (As per Mike from Harbor Hills)


Institutional Epi-Pens: Doctors will write a prescription to camps to order an Epi-Pen (for the camper that has never been diagnosed with an allergy)

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